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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Lola Within a Material(ist) Girl: Hacked and Bee-stung Today

I just saw Hackers (1995) this afternoon. Found the film quite atrocious, but sat through it because 1) I never "not finish" a film, no matter how bad, unless it's High School Musical; and 2) I must say, Angie was lookin' gooooooood back then. I mean she's still incredibly attractive now, but Kate Libby's was the best look I've seen her don. It's everything I want to do with my hair and clothes but can't, because if I get a pixie 'do, I might end up looking like a soccer mom (since I don't have naturally straight hair), while androgynous getups aren't exactly flattering on bumps and curves. Kate kicks ass for me anytime. Forget Lara Croft.

Sharing a scene with real-life ex-husband, Jonny Lee Miller, who played hacker genius, Dade murphy

Damn, those lips. I remember kissing her on a magazine cover when I was, what, eight? Gross? I don't think so. Kissed a girl and pretty much liked it. 

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