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Friday, January 6, 2012

The Lola Within a Material(ist) Girl: Of Recognizers, Isomorphic Algorithms, and the good ol' Light Cycle match

I've always known that there's a hidden nerd in me.  I spent the afternoon watching the original Tron (1982) on cable TV.  I saw the sequel, Tron: Legacy (2010)--shot and released almost three decades later--in the cinema, and I couldn't help but admire the animation efforts in the classic 1982 sci-fi flick.  I swear I endured worse-looking sci-fi films in the 90s and beyond (e. g. Johnny Mnemonic, Battlefield Earth).  The writing and the plot weren't that impressive, though, which almost always goes for all Hollywood sci-fi titles.  I don't get how Yori (Cindy Morgan) kisses Tron (Bruce Boxleitner), and then kisses Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), too, just because "they thought [Tron] was dead"--and actually gets away with that reason when Tron and she finally share a final smooch before the film ends--I mean, how could she?  Maybe programs aren't programmed to be faithful.  Anyways, Tron was a good enough watch:

I just don't know about one of the important characters, Dumont, looking this way.  You have to agree with me, it does resemble *something* right??

Here's the "Tron pose"...

...as replicated in the 2010 sequel.
Yori, despite cheating on Tron, was a real beauty.
Played by Cindy Morgan, it was a bit sad not to see her again in Tron: Legacy.

Bruce Boxleitner gave life to a total dreamboat, Alan Bradley...

...and Tron, himself. *sighs*

Boxleitner reprises his role in 2010, looking not so bad at all.  Not at all.
There are some new faces in Tron: Legacy.  I happen to like House's "Thirteen" (Olivia) looking so badass in her Karen O. haircut.  I also find Quorra's character totally lovable.
Quorra (while showing Sam her book collection): But between you and me, Jules Verne is my favorite. Do you know Jules Verne?
Sam: Sure.
Quorra: What's he like?

English cutie, Michael Sheen, whom I love, love, love in Underworld: Rise of the Lycans and Unthinkable... 
...also gives us quite an interesting club owner by the name of Zuse, inspired by Ziggy Stardust.
The things I like most about about Tron, though, inspite of the appalling writing and plot, is how original some visual concepts are.  Tron: Legacy brings back and modernizes some familiar stuff like the Recognizers, Light Cycle matches, and even introduces new species of programs who might actually possess something like the human DNA, the Isomorphic Algorithms (ISOs), Quorra being the last one of them.  All in all, the Tron franchise does not disappoint as the Star Wars.  But I have yet to encounter more sci-fi stories and movies that are well-explained to the audience, not to mention, decently written (e. g. The Inception, Children of Men) and are as visually impressive as the two Tron films, so far.  Of course, I'm not talking about The Matrix sequels.  I just can't stand Keanu's cardboard acting.  No matter how cute he is, uh-uh:




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