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Sunday, September 30, 2007

"Ang Dagungdong ng Tambol, Lagatik ng Baho, Iyak ng Gitara at Sigaw ng Damdamin at Pag-iisip: ITO ang Himig ng Bamboo" (music review)

Me sigarilyo ka ba?” he casually asked me.
Naku, wala po…’di po kase ‘ko nagsisigarilyo e,” I casually answered (or so I tried…I bet I was madly grinning from all my wigging out).
Ah…ako rin e,” he lied. And then he took my signpen (which I especially prepared for the groovy happening) and my cd (another article that I armed myself with) and as he was trying to scribble what was supposed to be his name, I discovered, to my horror, that my pen had no ink…and there was NO WAY I could allow myself to waste his precious time so I panicked. My bro, who was standing next to me and the musician, must have seen the flustered expression on my face because he started shouting, “Bolpen! Bolpen!
Ito, ito,” a gracious friend offered her Black Panda.
Ayan, mas maganda pa ‘to,” he said as he signed “N8N” on my cd, and looked up at me, smiling. He was obviously mocking my inkless signpen but all I could do was grin (did I do ANYTHING ELSE? O.o) and say, “Oh my God, you rock, thank you po talaga…sobrang galing po ninyo. Thank you.” And being the silly girl that I’ve always been whenever I see my object/s of affection (I literally RAN AWAY from one after saying hi…yeah, total bad scene), I kept on bowing to him and he did the same. Haha…I didn’t expect Nathan Azarcon to be that amiable. He’s always been my favorite among the four of Bamboo, but I didn’t expect that he’d be so good-looking that “upclose and personal.” I mean, I knew that he was hot all along but in real life and within the reach of my yearning lips (haha…nah, I didn’t have enough guts), he was sizzling HAWT, man…total cat. And Kiko? (I just call him that, which is a desperate way of creating the illusion that Francisco Manalac and I are actually close) I couldn’t find him after their performance (at the Bahay ng Alumni for the UP Underground’s 5th anniversary just this last Tuesday)…not even Vic and Ira. It seemed like each of them was assigned separate wheels just so they could avoid groveling fans…and it just so happens that I got lucky. Hehe…nobody else thought of running after the boys behind the building right after they left the stage. But even as I followed my great instinct (ehem, ehem), I was only able to bump into one…bummer. Then again, the bloke was my manok, so I was still a happy, little kid locked up in a candy store (Nathan…yum, yum…haha).
After my most fortunate encounter with the bassist who turns his axe into lead (that night until I slept, I couldn’t stop smiling O.o), I’d to get back home so early into the evening. I mean, it was only 9:30 or so but I just had to catch the 10 p.m.-curfew, so there…plus I really didn’t mind…I was a satisfied kid. That’s what sets Bamboo apart from the ordinary rock scenesters…they SATISFY…performance to the max, man. If you think they sound good on the radio, wait ‘till you hear them boys play “Noypi” live and I swear it’s like you’re listening to it for the first time, despite the fact that it’s enjoyed a lot of airplay eversince its release…a sort of anthem, actually. There’s something about that skinhead with the huge eyes and the most haunting voice you could listen to forever. I mean, he’s not even the friendliest, kindest, sweetest rockstar there is. He’s famous for being indifferent and somewhat cold but I dunno…he just has this charisma…this “I don’t care if you hate me” sort of attitude that you actually end up not hating him AT ALL. Heck, I even named our dog after him. O.o Just watching him do his thing there onstage, jumping and singing the way only HE can get away with…no offense to Jimi, but I just gotta call it the Bamboo Experience…awesome all-time high. He made it sound like a kicka** repertoire of revolutionary gospel songs. I swear, there’s that much passion that he injects into every lyric, y’know. Kaya kahit sino, madadala. I mean, he was singing this head-banging song and he was glaring (one of his trademarks). And I was lucky enough to be at the very frontest front so he made his way to me and gawd, he glared at me while he sang a line…and I thought I was gonna melt, man…*SIGH*…I think I’m in love. O.o
What’s weird is that after their encore, nobody was even screaming, “More! More!,” y’know, unlike in so many other concerts. So what does this exactly mean? Were they sick of Bamboo? Did they not care about their performance? Did they lack appreciation? Hell, no. They were satisfied, AS ALWAYS. And as each and every one of their gigs ends, all that they deserve is CRAZY applause. I’m telling you, people don’t need more because those guys and the music that they offer is more than enough. Like if I ever was a part of a band, I thought, I’d even refuse to do the opening act for those monsters…only because anyone else would’ve paled in comparison…really. Their lyrics all make sense and not just rubbish that rhymes (ex. “To be is all I gotta be and all that I see and all that I need this time. To me, the life you gave me, the day you said good night.” I mean, what’s THAT all about? At first, it sounds like a complete rip-off from Hamlet and then it just doesn’t mean anything. O.o), the orig songs are all well-written and whenever they do covers, they pick really interesting ones. My favorite’s “Break On Through” originally by The Doors (check it out for yourself at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCJV1V7QQnk). And if you browse through their music, you’ll notice that there’s not one genre that they stick to. From Bob’s “unrequited love” reggae anthem, “I Don’t Wanna Wait in Vain (For Your Love)” to the guitar-smashining “F.U.” to the bittersweet melody of Carole King's "So Far Away." They’d even bring new life to Buklod’s “Tatsulok.” Of course, it should also be noted that Kiko raps in “Mr. Clay” and “Hallelujah” and that ideal birthday song, “These Days.” There is NO formula, man. They just do what they do and they’re not even indie but when it comes to their sound, they OWN it…they don’t have to live up to something…and they still click, mapa-underground man o mainstream. THIS is what Pinoy rock bands are supposed to be. Oh and did I mention that they’re all hot, too? It doesn’t hurt to look as good as the music you're making, right? Total eyecandy…especially my Nathan. Ha! But what are my chances, really?? To them, I’m just “one of the fans.” But I refuse to be known as such. No. I am a certified BELIEVER. And all that I shall utter of them are words that would’ve been fitting even for the Grecian Apollo. And I’m doing this all for free because I BELIEVE. But of course, if at all the time comes that Nathan will love me in return and ask for my hand in marriage…well, EVEN BETTER. Anytime, baby, anytime. ^.~
P.S. The following are the gods...lotsa thanks to Krinkle, a cute photographer clicking away right beside us during the concert...you can check out more photos of the event at her site, http://sm16.multiply.com.


my little drummer boy

now, there's my rockstar...and his adorable glare. *SIGH*

isn't he BEAUTIFUL? *.*

light. peace. love. i'm outtie.


Anonymous said...

yeah! i'm a believer too. they ROCK. this blog rocks. keep it going.

sassy.33 said...

nathan azarcon ... is really hot! just passing by.haha...^_^

Carlene said...

Yeah man!! I Totally agree with you..i went to two of their concerts olredy and man! it was breath taking! i just havnt got the chance to hav a close encounter with them unlyk u! i so envy you!! huhu..T_T wen they perform they dont just merely play the music..the become the music themselves..Im HEAD OVER HEELS With this BANd!!O_O