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Monday, October 5, 2009

Tuparin Natin ang Banta ng Kahapon!

"ARREST Gloria!" It was produced by the Artists for the Removal of Gloria (ARREST Gloria). I remember watching this video back in 2006 during its special launching in the University of the Philippines Los Baños. I was an "innocent" freshman then--roughly a tabula rasa when it came to political views, I guess.

Almost four years later, and now that I am about to graduate (all my fingers are crossed and I do not care if that is at all possible!), the violations, the in-your-face-repressions, the calls for justice. They are as they were. It's odd how nothing has changed. I came across this on YouTube and rewatched it with a jaded kind of mood. I've seen it once before, and yet it feels like I have been watching it for the vigintillionth time. O.o

It was uploaded by a certain JeffDCpl two years ago and given the title, "Tuparin Natin ang Banta ng Ating Panahon." I wake from my jaded trance and say, "Tuparin Natin ang Banta ng Kahapon!" If the fake president is really about to step down next year as she said she is, then may she receive a despedida bash sprinkled, no, showered with just punishments for the crimes that she has committed against the people of this blessed spot that is the Philippines! Forgive my Shakesperean borrowing, but really, is it too much to ask for genuine justice? It is not enough that she steps down. It is not enough that she delivered a last SONA giving us a lecture on the wrongness of "pussyfooting" and referring to Pacman as the rightful "role model" of Filipino citizens." NO. We do not pussyfoot, and we do not all earn a million dollars by breaking someone's nose, and we do not all sing on videoke for a living. Let us all never tire of echoing what has been yelled two years ago: Arrest Gloria!

Lyrics written by Alex Remollino, sung by Lourd de Veyra. Music by Bobby Balingit.

On a lighter note, now that my "about to graduate" state was mentioned above, I have been pondering on whether I should post about the progress in my solitary journey of "baby-making" (yes, research for my thesis is very much like conception--not that I already have the clearest idea, but I've been reading), or whether I should just keep my mouth shut, er, my fingers intact and "silent." ALAS! I am now slowly losing my mind to the demands of the academe, to the pressures of a good family who wants nothing but the best for the firstborn, to the dictations of the oppressive status quo dominated by those who tout SM "biodegradable" green plastic bags (I wish "capitalism" is biodegradable!), wear headphones, and say "Muck-doe-nalds" with that weird feeling of security that a mere accent can provide. When somebody is tired and that somebody writes, one does on merely being tired. Believe me, I do not want an online diary, but MAN! AM I TIRED!

And by the time drafts are returned without the slightest hint of an "excellent" or even an "exceeds expectations," it makes me want to cry like the "innocent" freshman that I was during my first birthday away from my family at best and at worst, it makes me want to quit school altogether and just...aw, crap...I shall stop there. T_T

Wow, thought I'd be writing this "on a lighter note." Nevertheless, I do love my topic and my subjects are the very reasons I am holding on. My proposed title is "Echoes of the Missing: A Study on the Rhetoric of Desaparecidos as Reflected through the Speeches and Narratives of their Loved Ones." There. I said it. Maybe it will cease haunting me for now. Then again, it should haunt me. It should haunt everyone. Point is, I am tired. But I should never be. We should never be. WE MUST NOT YIELD.

The following is a brief awakener by VTagaro. Thankgod for YouTube (sometimes^^).

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