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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Many Lives of Mere Mortals

“Kamusta love life mo?” And so that incredibly most-asked question pops off somebody else’s potty mouth again. Why is it so embedded in our culture that we find ourselves each of our own partners? It’s like we are not allowed to be independent and complete individuals. Coupling up is the most normal thing that you can get yourself into, which leaves “singling down” to be as serious as a brain tumor. And one more thing: why do we refer to our romantic affairs as “love life?” Who knows, people could be asking just to gain a hint about whom you’ve recently slept with (for the common casual “shaggah”), or whose pockets you’ve been sticking your little hands into (for the Holly Golightly’s of today). Why do we have to compartmentalize life—abstract as it is—into little “sub-lives” that we think will make the big picture seem a lot clearer, the scheme a lot less complicated? Why do we have “spiritual life,” “sex life,” “night life,” “academic/work life,” “social life,” “org life,” and God-knows-what-else-is-there-kind-of-life? I find it downright silly that we should be treating LIFE as a huge puzzle that can only be solved by putting in the littler “life” pieces as we see fit. One day you’re into God, and then you’re into that random guy dancing next to you at the bar, the next.

You only let your friends become bad influences if you see them as some kind of escape from all your problems in your scholarly pursuits, man. Sure, you go have a hell lot of fun, but really, is it necessary to be one different person in each of your presupposed compartments? It sort of lessens the sincerity of living life itself, doesn’t it?—well, since you can only devote so much time to just one part. Why not live the whole sum of its parts and quit splitting yourself out among the rest? They say it’s easier to be focusing on one thing at a time, but when the focus has become too, I dunno, “focused,” that you prefer to forget all the rest of your life for the meantime, it sort of betrays the essence of living, doesn’t it? Oh, but here I am, talking about how it’s best not to live life, when I should be busy just living it, myself. Bollocks!

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