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(Background photo by Aiess Alonso)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sundae's Already Melted

If Rico Blanco would “drive on a Sunday” and hum along some catchy lines that he himself had written, I’d be singing some of my own: “Shopping on a Sunday, tucked in the mellow pace of life, lalalalalala.” Well, technically, they’re still Rico’s. But I swear the feeling was as light as that song. There’s nothing like going back home with an empty wallet, fully aware that you’ve just made great deals (January’s about to end, there has got to be a googol of clearance sales all over the world. I say, “ATTACK!”), and that those will have to enjoy a long shelf, I mean, closet life. Oh, but the song doesn’t last. Night came and the reason behind my new black flats (because he hated my sneaks) just gave up on me. Fast and furious…yeah, that’s what he is. Darn it, I knew I should’ve had those cute Pony’s, instead. The moral of the story? NEVER dress for somebody aside from yourself…oh, and never get into something temporary when the other one’s pretty much convinced that it’s permanent. Hey, that’s life…s**t does happen…a lot. Oh well, it does go on, too…life, I mean. And so, what do I do? Hum, of course. “Sweet little melodies, I embrace the memories until you return into the arms you once called home….”